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A Rabbit In My Garden Fence!

As far as anyone has told me a rabbit isn't supposed to get in the fence into my garden. I was wondering how he got his head through the 2 inches and survived and the rest of his body as well. I was going to cut the fence to release him, but when I saw how he was that became a moot point then. It became an emergency to go out and see that animal. I am glad that my husband saw it or it would have been really bad for the animal if I had not gone out when I did. This was after breakfast and was still in my bathrobe. Did not matter that Bunny had to be saved. Top priority!

This morning I asked my husband if he pulled out the plastic sheet that was over one of our raised gardens because I needed to know if I still had to go out and move it out of the fenced area. He said, no and so he went to do that and his car was parked on the street instead of the driveway/ I assumed he left for work by then. Then he came back into the house to tell me there was a rabbit stuck in the fence. I said "What". I said I have to go out and try to free it. It was not a black rabbit or the white one I had seen at the beginning of last year when the Lawn man came to cut the grass and he had to wait until they left the area with their babies. They did leave a couple of weeks after that and I have not seen them since. They are much deeper in the woods now and strange we haven't had any deer in our yard this year yet either. I think that was because someone was making a lot of noise building his garage and he had to use a machine to dig it out and then add lots of rocks to fill it up before adding the cement. Yeah l; lots of noise and commotion. All is quiet now.

This rabbit was a young, small wild rabbit and I could not get a picture of it. So he was halfway in the fence and halfway out of the fence. No problem with him biting me or anything of the sort.

I found that his backside was between two of the fencings. So I had to take out his left foot and move it to the right area. Tried very hard not to hurt it. When I got the two feet together and in the same hole as each other he was trying to jump all over. Somehow he calmed down enough for me to pull his back half straight and he did manage to crawl through the fence. He then sat there for a couple of minutes and I looked him in the eyes and said you are free. He then ran off across our dirt road and into the ravine by the side of my neighbor's house. Hopefully, he won't be coming back into my fenced gardens. I have no idea how he got into it in the first place.

I saved an animal and neither the animal nor I got hurt! A great feeling!! I am not the killing kind and I try to save all the animals I can in this big forest that I live in.

All is well in Debbie's Garden! A job well done! Not the only animal or snake I had to sve here though and I am sure it won't be the last either.

He looked just like this bunny!

a rabbit in the field


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