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Pay-Back Or KARMA?

Everybody on this earth knows what payback is for what they have done or thought. If you don't you need to pay more attention to what is going on in your life as it happens to everyone no matter their beliefs or religions. I have noticed that this is not talked about in the Bible, but every single person has it happen to them in one way or another.

Here is my story on the KARMA and how it works no it is not about the Devil or Satan or any demon as some religions tell you it is. KARMA is a cause-and-effect thing that happens to everybody. Religious leaders should stop spreading lies and being afraid of what they think it is. It just is not what they are afraid of spreading to their congregation.

A while back I was being taken to a Doctor's appointment and the husband was driving me there and was taking his good old time I got a bit upset when he told me that I could not live without his help or money situation. I got very upset with that as I am an independent person, (or so I thought), but God showed me differently. That is where the payback comes in. The husband wanted me to work too. I did several things by myself and brought in money as well but he ignored all of them. I tried to sell SMC products, AVON and even had my own sewing business. When we moved to this house of which we have been here for over 30 years, things stopped for me. No matter how hard I tried I could not find a job other than fast food and was not even going there anymore. So I ended up working for no one and my husband was my sole provider. See, that sounds good to many people;e but like I said in the beginning he wanted me to have a full-time job working for someone else, and that just was not happening.

So now I have a health problem after all these years of fighting the system and people and the husband into believing I would work full-time and bring in the money. At first, he was going to school full time and making not much money and I paid for some of his things and kept him afloat then we got married and I started noticing that he was unappreciative of what I was doing to help him. That caused many problems with what he was told and what I was experiencing. Oh, I went to trade school and got a Medical Receptionist Certificate and ended up on The Dean's List as well but that did hardly any good.

So I am thinking was that his KARMA or mine?

I did get a health problem from the very beginning before I ever met him and that has overshadowed my life very much. I had a Blood Clot and no it was not a lifetime even but a single event. I fell in a McDonald's when I was working there and three months later developed that clot. As I said and the doctor will lie and he mistakenly thought that I was born with such a condition. I was and did not and have never had another Clot. See they get paid to give you prescription drugs and I have known that this for a few years now will buck that system.

So now I have a condition with my aight and they ay with my Blood Pressure and they put me on those and paid for a prescription and I was on them for six years until I decided that they were not right for me and found that they are getting paid to give me them. I am telling you they are not good. They make you very dizzy and it states that on the Drug Facts that come with the drug. I was so dizzy and I didn't move around much because I would fall down. They blamed me for that and I found that it was the prescriptions that did that and so I told the Doctor that I will not take their prescription ever again. Hey, it is my body, not theirs and I know my body better than they do. I do not show that I have high Blood Pressure anymore. I go out into my garden at the top of my yard and work on that. You have to move around and use your muscles.

So now I have to depend on my husband for everything. I cannot drive anymore because I lost the depth perception in my vision and I hold on to him everywhere we go now. My body wants to get and stay off balance even though I have been off their prescriptions for about a month. Another thing those prescriptions cause is cancer, which is one of the main reasons why I will not take them anymore. My eye doctor said that he thought I was on Insulin and I told him I am not. They will tell you that the only thing is prescriptions and that anything doesn't work. Well, they lie to keep their jobs because I am taking something that is better and is a supplement.

This brings me back to the KARMA and what my husband told me a while ago about him being the provider for me. He wanted someone to take care of him, period and I could not do that. Do you understand how hard I wanted to be the half and half and it did not work no matter how hard I tried. You understand they his decisions were wishy-washy. He wanted me to be a half-and-half provider and things just did not work out that way the thing that showed up was when I was the Neighborhood Watch Captian of this development and I came across a person who was breaking the law and I had to tell him that as he was parked right next to me. My husband told me to shut up, but I could not! That was my job and I was going to do my job and he didn't want me to have that job even though I did not choose the job. So that was that.

Was it his payback that he really wanted me to be a housewife or was it mine because I wanted to please him so much and work outside the home which I did for a few years until that company failed and I could not find another job? God is looking at us and deciding what we should be; this is how it became to be.

When you ask for things in a marriage you better be straight and not wishy-washy in your thoughts or that is what you will get. Consequences and both will be shown to you. He had to be the breadwinner according to his religious beliefs. That is how it is working out it would seem. God is in everything and everyone and things will happen no matter what you think or how you go about thinking them. Cause and effect start as soon as you are born and nothing is going to stop it. When you figure that out you will be older than dirt but then you will just be reaping what you sowed all your life. Teaching others is very difficult as when you are young you see the many years you are growing and not what you are really doing. That is this life you are born into and how you learn the things that you came here to learn and do and share. It's called LIFE!

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