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Flower Gardening In The Woodlands

I did write about Gardening in the Woodlands but that was vegetable gardening. I also have lots of lower gardens in these wood too. We have lots of animals and some love many flowers but have found some flowers the deer don't care for. The ones that they love, I can't even think about planting them. They just love Tulips and I call them Deer Candy". Yet they do come up and the deer wait until they get a full bloom then eat them off the stems. They don't like the stem. "Sorry don't have a picture of them but do have one the deer is eating and I stopped him reall quick here.

a deer

. Funny but I wasted my money on those and the many Daylilies too that I planted sporadically in the woods. Some flowers just do not like things around here even if they say they grow around these woods and such. Azaleas will only grow for about 3 years and then they just up and die for no reason at all. We have creatures under the ground you can't see and I think that may be the whole problem with them, and other plants as well.

We live on a slope and at the bottom of this slope is a creek I swear it must be really pretty down there.

The flowers that are growing around here are Daffodils. They love this area and mine have been divided several times because they get new bulbs on them every two years it seems.

flowers on a forest

Another flower that grows is the Bearded Irises. I love them but they are expensive and they d not expand. I have seen them do that yet and they have been planted years ago. I get the different colors and wish they would grow as the Daffodils do. This year I have someone come into my yard and do some cutting of the grass and the gardens are going to be redone sort of. I will see if he can take some of the bulbs up and see if they can be divided. I had been given some by a friend of my husband's years ago and they are the ordinary purple ones they did grow lots and many and I have some of them lining the road at the top of the hill and my property.

flowers in a separate container

a quiet road

yellow flower

purple pink flower

blue violet flowers

So as we have some Irises and more irises and even more irises. They are pretty and they do show up nicely in these woods and they seem to love all the sun and the shade as well.

We also have some that the deer don't touch like the Lilac Bush and some flowers that are wild The roses.

beautiful lavender flowers

yellow flowers

pink flowers

Wonderful pictures of the flowers I grow in my yard and flower gardens. I hope you liked them.


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