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Getting Validation From The History Channel's Show, Swamp People

I was watching a program on the History Channel called Swamp People. The video I am reffering to is below so you can watch it now too. If you are sensitive I advise you not to watch it. If you think this is a bad idea then you should watch it as they are protecting other animals and humans alike.

Very good for them and the teams that hunt the Serpents in Florida to help keep them from taking over the state. A large serpent can swallow a small child and a dog. They were not in Florida to start. They have even caught a few serpents that were someone's pets that somehow got let go in the woods. pet. They get paid to catch these serpents. They have a quota of how many to catch in one day and in one season. Watching them catch them is a bit daunting and scary at the same time. They grab hold of their tails and while the head is biting at the one not holding the tail they grab their head and then put it in the bag. They are priced by the GameCommissionn. to bite them. Then they grab their neck d put them into Muslin-type bags. Kind of fun watching it all as they catch those serpents. Serpents are starting to enter new territory and near residential areas and need to be caught as much as possible. I

They get paid for work and catches from the Florida Fishing and Game Commission

In one episode they didn't think there would be any to catch but there were lots of serpents they caught inthatarease. They needed to be there and catch those Pythons to protect the children running around in the residential areas. The teams are mostly in southern Florida and have now been up to the northern Everglades and almost to the middle of the state. They all fish Alligators and hunt serpents

on different parts so as not to be in the other areas.

In one team there is a girl named Peewee and Troy and they do it all together and sometimes split up and go opposite ways. She isn't taken seriously until her plans come to fruition and like Troy tells her how good she is doing and VALIDATING. That gives her confidence and a will to go on and do the serpent catching. I suppose it works that way for everyone and people need to validate others more often.

They also catch Alligators and I've seen them catch Crocs too.

They have a fine set of muscles to do all that and most are in Florida and some in Alabama and Louisiana. They do compete with each team and are counted by the length and weight of the gators and all is calculated during the season and at the end of the season. At the end of the season, they get more tickets to put on their catches to keep track The how many they get.

They are caught by putting bait on the lines that the gators smell and eat. The people gather them up and this gets really tricky and sometimes dangerous and then the person with the gun, and in one team a bow and arrow, shoots them tight in the middle of the eyes. They do not fight the shot and they die instantly not knowing what hit them.

Isn't it good to have validation once in a while or every day? He does build her self-esteem in big ways, but she does a bit demanding as she does things in a slightly different way than he has ever done. She pushes on as well when he feels tired and wants to quit. Not quitting on her part!.

Then another one that I like is Bruce. He literally walks around with bare feet. He lives in a cabin in the woods. They are not like the homes in the residential areas at all. He says that is the real Florida. He also rigged up a machine that bumps the land and it makes the ground sound with vibrations the snakes love. It makes them take notice because they think it is a live animal. In some areas, they have live animals and are hunting in the trees leaving nothing to eat. They then start eating each other and become bigger serpents.

Sandspur Plant

a sandspur plant

a withered plant

thought it was bad stepping in my yard and getting them in the bottom of my foot and I lived inland a bit in Deltoan which is west of Daytona Beach. They hurt going in and they hurt coming out. You have to wear

shoes down there! This article in The Daytona News Journal will tell you ways to get rid of the problem.

They are an annual weed, It is like the grass in Florida and is a monocot, and you have to keep doing it to get rid o it. It doesn't like well-kept yards and you must read the herbicide container to see if it kills this nasty, but pretty plant.

SAW GRASS. Another plant they were going through and did not like going through them.

saw grass

This plant i apply is named for what it does to anyone that walks through it. It will slice anyone with abre legs or arms or feet. Everyone that came up to this meadow in Florida kind of had other thoughts and devised a way to get into it from another way. Serpents are in this stuff as well and they knew it.

Is sawgrass edible? According to Eat the Weeds, the inner bottom core of a sawgrass stalk is edible, although difficult to get to as you might imagine. It can be eaten cooked or raw. It has been estimated that sawgrass once covered 2 million acres of the Everglades.

What is sawgrass good for? Sawgrass may be useful as a source for developing biofuel (ethanol), possibly replacing corn as the cellulose (the basis for developing ethanol) source of choice. On Gotland, a limestone island in the Baltic sea, Cladium mariscus is used for thatching.

The History of the massive serpents in Florida is in this video and shows a hybridized snake.

I hope you watched these educational and Informative videos and read the who blog as it is very good. I learned much about these creatures myself and I had had dealing with the plants as well. Good stuff to know! Florida is not all beaches and housing developments. It is a wild place and has a lot of wild things within it and even around the homes of humans.


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