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Is It True What God Says About He Helps You Through The Bad Times?

God's image at the door

I answered that question and I was going through a rough time of it and then thought to myself how bad it all seems.

My answer was: They don't realize the lesson in that. When it gets that way and you can't handle any more things change. Sometimes it is hard to believe, but it happens really quickly and things will get better until the next time.

It really does happen this way and to everybody. It is how we learn our lessons. Some come easier and some take years to learn. But learning is how it all works whether you believe it or not.

For instance, there was a time in my past when I thought that my problems were so bad that I was going up in a glass dome. All my problems were getting worse with each day. I kept asking God to help me with this. I could not see the doors that were opening or the window that we opened eighter. I was so frustrated and so sad and mad at the same time. The thing is I know why I am here and what I have to do. That is a hard lesson to learn and share.

I am here to go through hard things and different people from all walks of life and love everybody for what they are going through. Then I share with them and we try to get through and that is my gift from, God. Some of their problems take years ad doing things over and over again until someone sees that repetitive situation which has to change. They are so embroiled in themselves that they cannot see that repetitive measures. I had to be the one to shut her off and tell the stories of what needed tob e done for her to grow. Her family had tried for years to help her, but I am not a family member and had to tell the authorities what she was doing and it has to be a different way. That is helping her/him immensely. But that will take more time in her growth, Listening to her and not telling her what or how to do it also was a big help.

With all her/his problems were allowing my problems to seem not as bad. To help yourself it is a must to help others and that is how this world works. God made it that way.

Anyway, the dome effect feels like stuff dumped on you many times and time and time again. When you don't even remember what you did to bring you to the top and glass shatters and then you feel you can breathe and things just lifted off your shoulder after what seems like a long time.. Such a great feeling, eh?

The problem I m dealing with right now that sounds trivial right now is with the Social Security Agency. We are gathering things together my husband and I on this because the decided that he was making too much money for me to have the benefits of the age kind coming to me. I have automatic payments coming out of my checks and I have been buying the groceries and really at a loss of paying that all back and didn't realize how much money. It is almost $4,000.00 dollars I don't have any of that nature. I am going to be on the phone with my agent on Monday. Don't know how that is going to do. Then I find out my Foof Cars from my insurance company had expired. I got a new one but didn't. see it and they asked for my pin number and the two that I used it did not recognize. Not sure of that either. Ahhhh is all I can come up with at the moment!! It will all straighten out, I am sure of that. Got to keep moving in the way that it is supposed to happen as in everything.

Keep the Faith!


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