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Living on the Water

I have noticed a lot of you who read this are thinking that they are even doing this today. Infact they are doing this and have been for a few years. I also noticed a person was saying about how much they cost. They didn't cost much at all except for the housing. The garden on the water was all donated to them for FREE as well as The Farm. You can get things FREE still! So read on and see what you can do for others and yourself.

There is a lot of water on this earth that we need to take advantage of and are not such things as the "concrete Jungle| someone mentioned to me when I wrote the article before this on, It is not all concrete anymore and I will talk about that here in this article.

According to the US Geological, there is the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth's water. Water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture, and in aquifers,

That is a lot of water we can use for these things and those things will get more and more available and noticeable in the coming years. That leaves the true concrete jungle just on the land that we use and only in the cities. Concrete is not in wildlife areas or on mountains or in rivers and seas and oceans right now.

There is so much space out there on this earth and on other lands and even the lands we don't even know about yet. They are things such as Farms, Housing, and Gardens. The thing with all of these is the floating and Storm protection.

These people are so creative and innovative in thinking outside the box that I had to share them with those who don\t see the Science Channel. Great projects and so others should be willing to take them on and make some for them and their neighbors. That's how it starts you know. We can and we will get this going and make new ideas from these ideas in the waters around us. They are thinking very much about the seas as well. Houses and farms and gardens in and on top of the waters in the seas! Great ideas hmmm?

I watch these shows on Sunday Mornings on the Science Channel and they are very good and teach me and I pass it on to you that don't get those channels.

The one that I came into seeing first this morning was the Cattle Farm on water. They don't use the land as we know it and everything gets recycled. Everything! Fecal matter and food leftovers do come back as food for humans to Milk and such. Very interesting how they make that float and never sink and is very storm protected,. Yes, they use cement but only to hole it up and make it buoyant. How it is made is a hollow box under the 3-story top part and is kind of large to get it not to shift and sink. Nothing more. On each level, a different system is involved. It is great and they have some 400 cows on it and people are getting the idea that there could be even more of these and more cattle on them and they float on the waters in the northern part of the seas and rivers and more to come on the seas. I think this is great!

Next, I saw some people who had a garden on the rivers and thought that flowers and herbs were not enough so they expanded it, using an old fishing machine apparatus that was free for their use. Things like the rope and the walkways they use in the fish farms. So great to learn this and so glad to pass it on to you. It is shaped in a spider web-type design and it floats on the rivers and does not sink. they said that they had to work on it almost all the time as things and winds and stuff try to tear it apart. I am guessing they will figure that out in the coming years.

The last thing I saw was the housing and how they put them together in various ways. They are getting more designed through the years and the only thing they have used is the same stuff that the Oil Wells have used to stay afloat. Interest! They have a long empty poll with concrete at the bottom and that keeps it afloat as well.

Things are getting better day by day and we will no longer have the "concrete Jungles| someone was telling me about.

Hey, we are already in space and that may be my next article!

This video is about the Floating Farm! Can you imagine cows and now chickens on one of these? That is great and we have so many rivers and bays and seas and even the ocean to do this on. Forget about the earth that everyone in the cities thing we don't have.

This one is about Floating Housing and how you can possibly buy your own house. They are working on one that can be on the ocean. Not sure how long that will take. They have a few things to work out in it staying put on the ocean, but I bet they will do it in 10 years. Watch the Since Channel on Sunday mornings to see the new gadgets and innovations they come up with. It is expensive but you know the prices will drop once more and more people buy them.

Here is the one about the Floating Garden and how you can build one yourself. Great idea to stop those concrete jungles people are now saving the earth is becoming. Great innovations with all of these ideas and a great new way to use the waters!

Some pretty good ideas hmmm? Let your mind go and think about any new innovative ideas. We are saving Mother Earth! We just need to let those who are doing it know we know now.




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