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Places To Get Involved With Saving Mother Earth

a peaceful forest

People and those for Mother Nature are not thinking hard enough and are thinking just like those in a church that makes them see what they want them to see.

A while ago on Twitter, I shared the machine that cleans up spots on Mother Earth and they had no idea what or where it was or even what it was called. That was Mr. Trash Wheel. The video with that information is listed below. There are many others who like to post nasty trashy type photos on the web and anywhere they can but I never see one where someone is actually picking up that trash to make their point.

Mother nature is not as stu[id as they make it out to be. She has defenses and she doesn't care who she hurts. She is cleaning up the place, just not in those places where you are. Look at the whole picture and see what is around that big trash pile and how small it looks afterward. Mother Nature's defenses are: And hurricanes and tornados and tsunamis, and volcanoes are what MOTHER EARTH does right back! She's not as stupid as people think!

No, my question for all of you is: What things can you find to post that is inspiring and someone cleaning up that you are sharing? Can you?

There are other organizations out here that are great for the Earth. One of them is the "PLANT A TREE" movement where they send ten trees to you to plant and I think there are many more you can plant too. They have an organization that plants a tree right in the same place one was chopped down. I kid you not! Lok it up! If one isn't in your area do your research to find one or ask for one to be in your area.

Some Organizations you may want to visit and donate to our even get some trees to plant - A database of all the tree planting sites around the world

Fastest Growing Trees Worldwide - The Top Ten fastest-growing trees worldwide

Saving Animals -Want to save animals go here to find many organizations that do those things and get involved

Clean Ocean Foundation -A place that is organized to clean the Oceans

A video for you

A book to help you with your own yard and home. I call it my Gardening Bible!

Back To Basics - helps with getting water to your garden and home, raising animals for food and other such things, everything you need to know about vegetable gardening and even using wood for things and even some crafts.

Enjoy the Earth you live on and the environment you live in and spread the word around. Stop spreading the hate that you have for those who do not know about many of these things. Hate Breeds Hate. Send love!


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