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Spring Wherefore Art Thou

a purple flower

Spring, Oh Spring I have missed you so,

All the new things and warm winds you send to blow.

All the bright colors of all your flower girls,

With excitement, I watch as the first flowers of spring unfurls.

From the warming ground, you bring from below,

Flowers of White, Pink, Blue, Purple, and Yellow.

Wood Peckers, Cardinals, Finches, and Robins fill the air with cheer,

Newborn critters of the wood come out to play this time of year.

On a breeze, I await the sweet fragrance of grass that someone will soon mow,

And I can’t wait to play in your dirt and plant seeds that you will help grow.

Oh, and it does seem so long ago,

When you let your bright and cheery colors dance to and fro.

Who can forget the first sweet lingering smell?

Of the first spring rain that makes the creeks and rivers to swell.

Streaks of lightening and claps of Thunder we all know,

Is your way of telling us you are here and it is now your show.

Fresh clean air you bring to this wonderful Earth,

Full of gay and happy mirth

Oh, spring you are finally here and so,

I wish that you would stay and never go.


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