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The Chasm In My Heart

The Chasm in My Heart

two people holding hands

I believe from the beginning it was just a silly little game,

Then slowly over the years, there began between us a searing flame.

And this kind of love would upset some people's apple carts,

And that began the chasm in our hearts

In my dream, you called out to me which you don't do a lot.

It was a dream that for our lives that you and I fought,

In a cataclysm of water that tore us apart,

And left us with a chasm in our heart

A great gem we shared us two,

A bright sparkling Ruby divided between me and you.

We were separated and torn apart,

And what it left was a chasm in our hearts.

The age difference divided you and me,

And we kept our silence as we knew we could never be.

I chose not you but to another I became a part,

And it left a chasm in your heart

So you found another, who was similar to me,

And you told me to let you be.

So after many years, I have let you be and we have been apart,

And that left a chasm in my heart

From the beginning of Atlantis to the end we have been twin souls,

But for this life one life we were not to stoke the embers of our love's coals.

As the deluge of water came.

I was swept in and the waters they did tear us apart,

This started the chasm in our hearts.

Frantically we reached out to each other.

You were on the land and I was in the water,

You had one half of our Ruby and I had the other part,

That which began the pain in the chasm of our heart

Deep from beneath the waters I could see you,

From the deep I swam up to reach you.

Once I emerged from the water with the Ruby that was my part,

We tried to close the chasm in our heart.

I put the ruby against the back of your head,

In my dream, you once again showed me that the love we have is not dead,

It's just in this life we have to learn our Soul's other parts,

And so is this chasm in our hearts.

I could never admit that I really did love you,

So it was I who had to be the cruel one to divide me and you.

I knew that this kind of love burned way too hot

And for now, we must live with this chasm in my heart

If for only this lifetime it would be,

That you and I apart we should be.

Let the next life be that we shall be not divided from each other’s hearts,

And truly close that chasm in our hearts.


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