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The Emerald is the Stone Of Successful Love

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A gem is known to bring you inspiration

It is known that it opens the heart chakra the emerald

Found in India, Egypt, Brazil, and other nations

This value of the emerald will be told

Found in children’s stories

Made into such a great and splendid castle

The home of horses of different colors and other such glories

Where an evil witch keeps them in fear and all that hassle

But did you know about the powers of that emerald

From soothing eyes, sinuses detoxify the liver and help the spine

Reverses poisons and revives health I am told

A good stone to have for your health in mind

Chakras, light, and energy is all we are

Those wonders of energy will never cease

Used right and they will remove your scar

For the Emerald is the Green Light Ray that brings inner peace

Emerald is the birthstone for May

Perfect time for planting in spring

Everyone is going happy and gay

And the baby animals and birds come out and sing

Green is also one of the new beginnings

Look in the Early Spring the new leaves of green

When all around new life is brimming

Wear an Emerald and get out and have a Spring Fling

For healing wear it on your Ring Finger

or for unconditional love over your heart

It will bring the opposite if you leave it on too long or linger

You don’t want to go wrong with matters of the heart

Looking for unity, partnership, or friendship

Be sure to wear the beautiful green emerald

If you are wanting more love and partnerships

And your health and love life may be untangled

The emerald is one to use for clarity of vision and wisdom

And brings loyalty, balance, character strength and all the above

Transforming your life into your magic kingdom

The Emerald is the stone of successful love


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