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What I Learned From a Scammer

You know you never know or realize what kind of person you are going to ask to help. This is one of them.

I had a long conversation with a friend who is about 20 years old and feeling stuck in his situation. We talked about things that he could do and it looked as if he was really getting it, but then slid back into the Woa-is-me situation. I tried to keep him up and coming during that time but it was hard. He cannot see outside the box he is in right now. That will change over time though.. He still lives at home with his parents and he needs to get out into the World to grow as a man. He is kind of stuck between being a boy and being a man. He still blames others for his predicament and fails to move on with his new life.

He lives in a different country than I do and I went and looked and researched his country and all the things that he said he wanted to do. He wants to make a Garden but says he has little water for one. So I sent him lots of information on Hydroponic gardening that it uses very little water and recycles it through the tubes you make. He liked that idea and never thought of that. So there I got him thinking. He showed me the place where he gets his well water. It is a nice big round area with water that comes up through the ground. He didn't think that was good water and I exclaimed to him that it was good water. It is good when the water seeps through the first and the rocks to an underground stream, river, or even a lake and it is filtered as it goes down and is still filtered when it comes back up.

I told him that I learned all this while watching a show called Homestead Rescue.

A Lot of neat stuff I learned for that and I am not a homestead but live on the west side of a mountain in the United States. He lives in Africa and at present says that he is in the dry spell of the weather.

That is the perfect time to start building for the future of anything. He told me that he walks a good amount of steps to get to the computer where he sits and talks to me. That brought to mind a lot of opportunities for him he doesn't realize. He also wonders how he is going to get seeds for him to plant in that garden. He is in a different country than I and we are as far apart as you can get. So I looked and researched where he lives and then researched places he could get seeds from and shared that with him, but he is still in the woe-is-me stage. I told him that it is he that needs to make the first step and it isn't the easy way out of asking for money. He also said that nobody listens to him. I said Yes they do. You my not realize it but people are listening. I listened and now I am sharing to help him.

Somebody will help him surely and it may be different than what he expects but it will happen.

Things are tough everywhere and there aren't many people on the internet that are willing to give their money away just because some young person wants it even if it is for his family. He is the oldest of his family and he shared a photo with me and I saw the young children that are his siblings. That got me wondering a lot of things such as did his mom or father died and whether they remarry and the is the huge age difference. That would not change his situation but getting out on his own would be a start because right now it looks like he is funding from his parents if you know what I mean. Find something you enjoy for goodness sake. He sayd=s her does manyal work. Well most peolle do maual work! He will not get out of that especially having a garden and those garden centers are horticulture and the like. They went to college to get those degrees and learned about business and how to run a business. He needs to think of those things now that he is working a labor job out of school. He is in a good place right now where he does have choices even though he doesn't see them. He will grow I am sure of that! It takes time and learning and things are not done overnight. God doesn't allow that in anybody's life. If you want something you have to go after it no matter what it takes.

In all of this, I found he is a SCAMMER! He only wants the $75.00 in seeds and I told him many times that I do not have that kind of money. So I finally got the nerve to tell him that if he doesn't stop asking me for money and seeds I will report him as a SCAM! I sent him my LINKEDIN account to see if I could help him, but that was fruitless.

I do not feel used and abused by this situation as I feel something got through to him in some way or another. That is how a Minister, Reverend, Priest, or Pastor works. I left the ball in his quart to It is his world, Go and Get It.

The scammer started to turn all his mess around onto me. I saw that and then told him what he did and He was the one who wanted to be friends. I invited all my friends to my MeWe account and that included him too. Then he asked me why I invited him and told him I invited everyone on my friend list. He also still wanted money from me and I told him I am never going to send him money and he blocked me that is fine and dandy and wish he had done that sooner.

A thing with these spammers is they try to get to know you and then ask for money and will hold onto you until they get some. Another thing I have noticed is that when they chat with you the first thing they say is HI. Then you ask them what they do and where they work. I have had at least four people that say they are on contract and are in Turkey and are from the USA. BIG RED FLAG there people. Unfriend them real quick when they say that. This last one told me was a Gold Mining and his contract was ending in a year.

My question is how is MeWe allowing them on this site?

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