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Truth and Consequences

Many people have taken the Bible as the truth when in fact is mostly myth, especially the Old Testament. If you want to believe that but there is much evidence now that is coming out. Most of the stories in the Old Testament are from all over the world and are not just Jewish or Abrahamic. There is the story of Gilgamesh in it and other things such as the flood and how Adam and Eve came to be and Satan too.

We have been on Earth for millennia. That is a fact. Satan (a shapeshifter) was not an evil being and did not like the God (both male and female) that put him on earth either. As well as that there were several races that lived here now and before us. We are only the 5 development of Humans and we have learned a lot since then. When the ETs came to make this planet they were here first and was said they didn't get along with the new humans and went underground to live., They are intelligent more than we are and were. There have been many races and many kinds of humans. You can read about that in a Smithsonian magazine.

Now one story they forgot about or not totally forgot but more of a judgment call was the Book of Lilith. Yes, she was Adams's first wife and she taught him about the organs on his body and so forth. He was always said to be under her but he got tired of that and told her to be under him when making love. She got upset with that and put a curse on his children and that is how some religions got the idea that the man rules over women and that woman is the weaker sex. You can read that story from the Zohar here: The men take off with that all the time and that is taught in most religions of the Adamic faiths.

As I stated in an earlier article men are not the only rulers of this earth and God is God or an ET that came here to give all humans skills to make building easier, even though we still do not understand how they built huge things. I tell you there were Giants from women who got pregnant by The Watchers who weren't supposed to be doing that to the women of earth. The god of that wanted to drown them all in a flood. That stry is told through the world, not just the Abrahamic ones. That didn't happen though as some had gone underground and it even says in the Bible that not all animals got on the boat.

Those giants still survived and are still around. They were supposed to have been between 9 and 13 feet tall. Imagine how they would be building tall and heavy structures that are still standing today.

Civilizations also build upon other civilizations and some are buried deep in our oceans. As we get to see these things it is one grand thing to understand who or what kind of people made them. It also gives an understanding of the waters and how they thawed some centuries ago. The weather people also say that the ground is going to melt away and the seas and oceans are going to rise. but with these things and how there are so many cities under the water it would make more sense if they say the seas and oceans need or are going to freeze up and bring those civilizations to the surface again.

Science has gotten things all wrong and they even say that on the show. "How The Universe Works" They have made amends to the truth and will continue to do so.. They do not have all the information but are surmising things. That may all change too as we get more knowledge. Things such as Black Holes and what time and space really are is getting a bit clearer or cloudier as time goes by. So do the thoughts of Worm Holes. and the magnetic fields on this earth such as they are finding out. Einstein had that reasoning way back when. They now think that carbon dating is wrong when there have and is some radioactivity that messes up and the dating process is moved. Religions ignore these things and they have put people under house arrest, such as Galileo,dying%20on%20January%208%2C%201642. They didn't want the truth to be told and the Church could lie as they have done many times. For instance, the first pope told everyone that there were dragons that breathed fire and such and our fear into many peoples.. Most people naysay about lying but it is true. They still do.

We are all here to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. All of us before birth and beyond. Religions get that all wrong when they think they are the ones who are responsible for everyone else thought and deed. That goes to show how ignorant they are about all the abortions and how men rule the world. An abortion is the mindset of the person who is wanting to come into the world but finds something isn't going right so they will work with the woman to have this done one way or another and they may start with someone else or forget about being born at this time. Not always the fault of the woman or the man that makes her pregnant. and how women are second class and most of them are used by the men who use the Bible to convey that. Same with those of the Gay community. There are here because God allowed them to be. If you have any objections to this then it is your responsibility to tell them that you are not interested. Period. Do not chastise them because that is between the and their God which is male and female. But there are many women in the Bible that rule over some men of their men. Ruth was one of them. She said that she did what none of her men in her tribe ever would. she did it with gusto too. Women are just as smart as men and can do whatever they want to. Many have ruled the land they are in for many years. There are many of them and you can read about them here:

Consequences are ongoing as we learn more and more about this Earth we live on and to some beings in. You do know that there are some that have written about what they saw under the earth. Admiral Byrd and Halley.

Keep your minds open!


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