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Why The Mobile Phone Won't Win?

This article may be hard for some to know and understand about but it is important to everyone.

I have seen and experienced in the last 4 years or ever since we had COVID how people are reacting to such things.

Since that virus hit there have been many disagreements among people and there have been things said about getting that virus and the vaccines to stop getting that virus..

The first thing, that doesn't make sense at all, is that people who got all the vaccines are blaming the people that haven't got the vaccine. We are going to give them the virus. What? If they got the vaccine we would not be giving them anything, The virus is supposed to protect people from getting the virus, period. Okay, I have opened the door on that and there is more to it than just that.

Another thing I have noticed is that people will use a #mobiledevice to chat with other people and that is supposed to be the norm. There are still people that do not have a mobile device and never want to have one. Google has it that you need a mobile device to chat with other people. So do other social media sites such as the big #FaceBook and they need your mobile number so they can send advertising to you through that. I tried to get back on FaceBook but they wouldn't let them because I do not have a Mobile Device but I still get their advertising through my e-mail. That is the problem with that and lots of people are not getting it. A new development has occurred in the Cyberworld.

Many young people and some older people, but mostly younger 20-year-olds are getting people on chat instead of seeing their profiles and what they write on the site they got that chat person on. The same people are deathly afraid of seeing real people and talking to anybody. They don't want to be caught and brought up on charges.

That brings up the Drug industry too. Makes me think they want to get money for drugs instead of the things they really need and want. That is stealing, plain and simple! Do not ever give anyone that you do not know any money. They have tricks up their sleeves too. They work on gaining your trust. Don't ever trust a stranger and this Cyberworld is training them to do just that.

They will say they love what you do such as a garden and tell you nice things about it and want to get to know you more and it all looks good to the unsuspecting person. Then after a few conversations and they say they missed you when you are evaluating what they say and how they say things to get your trust. Then they will pop the quest on wanting money from you. At first, it is a slow soft question then it gets harder and harder to get away from that.

Another thing with that is that most people are trustworthy and think they are in the wrong when they say no or disagree with the robber. That is when they think they got you and you will give them the money they ask for. NEVER give anyone money out front. I see this from people on the street too and not only in cyberspace. They ask for money and not a lot of it and then you are used. I have heard this many times. It is your responsibility to see it for what it is and not give them any monetary funds. Just say NO and mean it.

Someone told me the same as my mom told me that we should keep our thought to ourselves and not say anything bad about anyone. Of course, I said "BULL". She didn't get it but the moderator sure did and some others that were in the group did too. Do say something when you know they did a bad thing. Do not allow them to do it to anyone else. That is dumb to let them continue to do bad things to other people. Speak Up!

I even mentioned how doctors get paid to give us certain prescription drugs and she was saying that I should not talk about them in a bad way. Someone else in that group said I did a good thing when I wrote about it and brought it to light. The thing is they do not want to hear anything bad. BONK!! At least I got someone else to know those things and will question their healthcare providers. I know my insurance company knows that I know about the bad things that are going on. I left three doctors because of this. They don't think I know what is going on. Some of those prescriptions do cause cancer and the FDA has them and a list of recalls too. The Pharmacies are still allowed to send to the doctor to give to their patients. Crazy! We don't see it but it is called a Kick-Back. That should be illegal!

In case you missed it --on television it has been saying that there was 6 times more likely most people will die of Diabetes from a Stroke or Heart Attack and yesterday I noticed that they are saying it is just 4 times. Something fishy with that and how they scare people into believing the "truth". That is advertising for you and getting you hooked on those drugs you don't need to be taking.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

This isn't just in the United States but all over the world and it has sent people into a panic with food and money and a place to stay, but then think about what they tell you and put it all together. I had a 20+-year-old from another country ask me to ask him any question I like in the very beginning but I told him that I didn't have questions and that he will supply me with the answers I seek He has and he has ignored some played on my affections as well. They will tell you lots of lies and they will come back to you and tell you that they are not lying. Another thing that doesn't make sense is that he said he had a garden. He says "WE" and has yet to tell me who the "We" is. He wants a certain amount of seeds. I do not have that kind of money. I asked him what happened to the plants that he grew and he said they all died. Another big red flag with that one. I am supposed to buy $75 in seeds for his garden and he doesn't know what killed the first crop or might have been the third or fourth set for all I know. That is just it! I don't know him but am seeing discrepancies come out as he chats. He stopped chatting with me because I will not buy his seeds. I never said that I would and so I know he is just another scammer. Take every word they say as proof of their scams. There have been many more of these kinds of people and like this guy, they are afraid to talk to a real person.

Trust no one! I mean it. I was in a big scam where they told me they were from #PublishersClearingHouse and I didn't have a lot of money.

The scam came to focus when he wanted lots of money and I did trust him but found not to trust anyone. They also said that they got my name and phone number from me paying all my utility bills on time. I really don't know where they got that from and they called me first. I did hang up on him and he called me back and then it got so bad that someone else was calling and making things up that I had no idea who they were doing that because I trusted them and they got my trust. I don't answer my phone now and let them leave a message which they don't. Don't Trust anyone if you do not know there. There are plenty of other scams going around not just these.

All this is in COVID where it is easy to scam people and not actually want or need to see them in person. They made it easy! Thank #Biden for that and the many other leaders that think this was the right thing to do. Separate the people and make the mobile phone industry bigger and more enticing to the younger generation. Right under our noses!! They will conspire against you and also I call it #discrimination for not having nor wanting a Mobile Device. That is nuts!!

So what have we done, Ma? We created a society that doesn't want to see others in person and wants monetary things for free. If you do not trust them they will use stricter tactics I promise you that! Keep us that do not have a cell phone or smartphone off the #Internet and tell you it is a security issue. Yeah Right! Not, and they can use that lie all they want but some of us see where and how that is going. Do you want to put your trust in a company that asks all sorts of questions that are none of their business and tells you it is for security reasons and gets your mobile phone number, which should be private along with the other things they are asking? Not me! I use #Google but at the same time do not like Windows either. #Windows updates to a newer version and messes your stuff up on the internet. Google wants to steal your information and you even need a second e-mail account in case you lose your password. These don't work and I know! I just lost my e-mail account because the password I chose the program did not recognize and when I went to change my password on the second e-mail that account had been deleted because I didn't use it for a year! I was supposed to get the code needed to change my Google password. They do not need and do not give out your mobile phone number to anyone. That is your security not a company on the internet. What the Heck??? What a scam and if you don't see that I feel sorry for you. My hard drive was wiped off and nothing I ever did on Google was saved and I can't even get to my favorites! Nothing is there anymore and that is Google Security for you. Sounds odd to me to ask for your mobile number and you have a second account and that is supposed to be secure. I think NOT!! People need to meet other people and most of the younger crowd is getting mixed messages about the COVID scam and the Mobile Device scam.

From the scam from Publisher Clearing House, I will not be giving my phone number to anyone! #Medicare who was scamming me I also will not answer my phone! If you want to be safe don't give anyone your personal information or your phone number. It just sounds so shady to trust a software company with that stuff. I don't care how much they ask me I am still not giving them it and that is my security and my business!

Keep Em Seperated


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