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Why Global Warming Is Half Right?

a gloomy day

Scientists are only focusing on only what is happening and the temps that are on the top of the Volcanic ash in the clouds. They fail to mention that is also caused a chill under those clouds during thi time and it is not permanent. So you do get half of the story. That makes sense and I am going to tell you the whole story so you know the whole truth.

A volcano spews out a whole lot of ash and other debris yet the scientists do not focus on what that brings to the earth. That is unless you do your research as I have done.

It is because the clouds that the Volcanic Ash is in reflect the heat and like back into the sky.

This is something that goes missing and people just don't have that knowledge. So I am sharing that knowledge with you.

This information was copied from a Science Site so you get it right.

"The gases and dust particles thrown into the atmosphere during volcanic eruptions have influences on climate. Most of the particles spewed from volcanoes cool the planet by shading incoming solar radiation. The cooling effect can last for months to years depending on the characteristics of the eruption. Volcanoes have also caused global warming over millions of years during times in Earth’s history when extreme amounts of volcanism occurred, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere."

"Volcanic ash or dust released into the atmosphere during an eruption shade sunlight and cause temporary cooling. Larger particles of ash have little effect because they fall out of the air quickly. Small ash particles form a dark cloud in the troposphere that shades and cools the area directly below. Most of these particles fall out of the atmosphere within rain a few hours or days after an eruption. But the smallest particles of dust get into the stratosphere and are able to travel vast distances, often worldwide. These tiny particles are so light that they can stay in the stratosphere for months, blocking sunlight and causing cooling over large areas of the Earth."

It can last for a few months to two years for that to be dissipated. You can't see it but it is there nonetheless.

For instance, they are calling for this global warming and we are all going to die just like the Al Gore story and where he got all his readings. The thing is he git those reading from about that cloud where he didn't see what was really going on. That is why we are still here and we are cold....under those clouds.

A Volcano did erupt in the Pacific at the end of 2022 in the Pacific. Where it is located in the area called the "Ring Of Fire" is located. The seas were spewed over long distances and it even moved the Sea Bed to a slightly new area and spce. That changes the tides and the whole environment. It has nothing to do with the Plastic fields.

the ring of fire map

A volcanic cloud floats over the ground in the high atmosphere and each and every speck of the dust will reflect back into the high atmosphere and removes and stop the heat from reaching the earth leaving the lower atmosphere cold. There is still sun but no heat from that sun. It will be here for a few months more.

It is hard for us gardeners who usually plant vegetable seeds and some vegetables in the early Spring but they don't come up because they don't get enough sun or heat. I have noticed it really isn't about the heat but the sun that sparks them to grow. I now have my tomatoes inside now for a few more weeks and hope they don't die when I place them in the ground. I have other plants outside that don't look too good like Lettuce and then I have my Bems and trying some Cucumbers this year. I don't know. I am thinking about the Fam Market down below us called ORRSFARM in West Virginia and hoping they will have good crops this year. Seems like ti is going to be another year without a summer.

the name of the Volcano that is spewing dust around the world is and you can watch the news reporting on it below. Tonga and it erupts in December of 2022 from the deep of the sea. The video:


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